Trending Positively Toward Personalization and Transparency

2016 Customer Experience Trends Report

The official follow-up to last year’s popular report on customer experience & feedback is here for 2016! Consumers and brands have once again considered and rated top trends—and our Panel Insights Team has combed both the quantitative and qualitative data to weave meaningful stories and insights into one report.

This year, both consumers and brands came together in crowning an undisputed #1 CX Trend. As a common theme in their comments, we were able to explore ways the two groups define it, desire it, and—in the case of brands—design it. Get up close and personal (hint, hint) with this top trend and other findings in our report.

Inside the Report

  • Aligning on the positivity of customer feedback
  • Progressing toward the proactive side of CX planning
  • Six trends for 2016, rated by consumers and brands
  • Where consumer-brand interactions break down
  • Putting quality before quantity